Self Storage near me enjoy complimentary plant care while you are away or renovating or storing with us, proudly family owned self storage operator in Brunswick and Notting Hill Clayton

“Leaf your plants with us!”

Our Storage Centres offer more than just Storage Spaces with little blue doors and boxes for sale. Welcome to our green oasis, leave the chaos behind, feel invited and calm in the most unexpected place!

Our excellent indirect sun-lit loading bay offers a great space for plants to thrive. We are thrilled to offer a complimentary plant care service to all our customers. Not a Storage Customer? That’s OK, call us for a chat!

Join our growing community of plant lovers who trust us to nurture their greenery. Whether you’re traveling, renovating, moving house, or simply need a plant caretaker while you’re away, we’ve got you covered.

328 – 330 Albert Street
Brunswick VIC 3056
TEL: (03) 9388 2275