This document is to be read in conjunction with the Standard Self Storage Agreement (SSSA); it forms part of the legal relationship between you (the Storer) and the Owner/Facility, its employees and any other person entitled to enforce the SSSA.

Your Personal Information

We need to collect and use your Personal Information to provide you with storage. This information includes your name, license number and details, passport number (non-Australian issued) and address. You may choose to not provide the Facility with this information, but not doing so may affect our ability to provide you with storage.

The Facility is authorised to collect and release your information:

1. The Facility may collect information about you including your Personal Information to assist:

  1. a)  in the provision of storage to you;
  2. b)  in maintaining your account;
  3. c)  in the event that we need to enforce our agreement with you in any way.

2. The Facility may disclose any information we have about you including your Personal Information to the following:

  1. a)  Government departments;
  2. b)  law enforcement agencies, including the police;
  3. c)  investigators;
  4. d)  any person who can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Facility a legal or equitable interest in the goods stored;
  5. e)  liquidators, administrators or other persons appointed to administer the Storer’s financial affairs;
  6. f)  debt collection services;
  7. g)  your Alternate Contact Person;
  8. h)  agents for any of the above
  9. i)  Storer Check Pty Ltd (see below).

3. You make the following authorisation regarding your Alternate Contact Person:

  1. a)  that you have the right to disclose information about them including their Personal Information;
  2. b)  that you will inform them that you have made this disclosure;
  3. c)  that the Facility may use this information as we would Personal Information collected about you, the Storer;
  4. d)  that they may access and correct the information held by us in the same manner you, the Storer, may correct your Personal Information.

Storer Check Pty Ltd (‘Storer Check’)

This Storage Facility subscribes to the Storer Check system. By applying to store with this facility you agree to the following:

1. This facility may search the Storer Check data base for information Storer Check may have about you. This facility may choose to refuse you storage, or terminate your storage agreement, if you are listed with Storer Check.

2. This facility may release or update any details and personal information they have about you to Storer Check, including but not limited to:

  • ·  your name,
  • ·  your address,
  • ·  your previous address,
  • ·  your license number and details,
  • ·  your passport number (non-Australian issued), and details
  • ·  your date of birth .

3. Your details and personal information will be released to Storer Check in the event that you breach your storage agreement or engage in illegal or threatening behavior including but not limited to:

  • ·  Not paying for storage
  • ·  Dumping or abandoning goods
  • ·  Being chronically late with payments
  • ·  Being abusive or threatening to staff members or other storers
  • ·  Eliciting police involvement, such as the execution of search warrants against you, this facility or your storage space
  • ·  Any other breach of the storage agreement4. This facility may use the information you provide during this application or at any other time to update any listing you currently have with Storer Check.If you do not consent to these terms, you should not apply for storage with this facility.By applying to store with this facility you consent to the terms and conditions set out in this document and on-line at, including this facility’s right to search Storer Check for your details, and to release your information and details to Storer Check in certain circumstances. For further information about Storer Check Pty Ltd go to www.storercheck.comYour RightsYou may view and correct your Personal Information by:
  1. a)  giving reasonable notice to the Facility that you wish to view your Personal Information;
  2. b)  attending at the Facility;
  3. c)  advising the Facility in writing that your Personal Information is not correct and provide written corrections.

More Information

If you would like any further information regarding how your Personal Information is handled please contact one of our staff members.