Who would have thought going through a global pandemic would be an ideal time to RE:STORE? No, we are not talking about your items in storage (they are safe and sound)… we are talking about your mind, body & spirit.

The truth is, things got a bit tough and the world remains uncertain and feels a little shaky. Like everyone, the team at Monash Self Storage found the new way of living a bit challenging: managing work, parenting, teaching and remaining calm – it should have been entered as an Olympic sport! But the juggling act is not even the hardest part. The hardest part for us was not being together as a team on the frontline of the business, interacting and engaging with you our customers of whom we consider friends. This got us thinking – how could we all remain connected, while apart? How could we check in with you? How could we know you’re self-caring? An idea was formed and we got busy creating…

What is in it for you?
As a valued Monash Self Storage client, you have exclusive access to a wellbeing video series, hosted by New Zealander Olivia Reid from Pulse Yoga and Mindfulness. In her classes, Olivia brings a sense of connectedness and peace of mind, and will help you to foster a ‘self-care’ routine during these uncertain times. The goal is to create a broader hub of content that can add value and calm into each of your lives (think podcasts and quick healthy recipes).

Why are we doing this?
Because we care! By offering a FREE mindfulness series, we hope you feel loved, empowered and restored. It is also our little way to say thank you – you have stuck by us and we will stick by you.

How do you get involved?
In essence you don’t need to do anything – you are already in! Just click on the Weeks in teh drop own box and you will fins links to your online yoga, meditation & mindfulness tutorials. You can participate at your own leisure. There are also some Meal Motivation from Michael our in-house Chef and some other contributions and tips & tricks.

What if you are not interested?
No problem! We know this is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t want to access this FREE content which helps you to connect with others, remain mindful and calm, then close this browser and do not proceed.

Can I tell my friends and family about it?
Of course. The more the merrier! Feel free to share the links with anyone who you think would benefit. Let’s create a community of positive, joyful and connected people and help each with kindness.

Got more questions?
We will be in touch with more info soon as this initiative evolves! However, if you have more questions, just shout out. Feel free to email and the team can respond to your enquiries: or

Our goal is to give back while remaining present with each and every one of you, near and far. Join us as we band together for a feel good challenge… RE:STORE WITH US!

Lizzy, Luke, Stella, JD, Danielle & Fin xx